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Max Glezos-Chartoff Tribute Fund

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In spite of all of his parents wide ranging efforts, Max died on Sunday afternoon, April 29th, at home, peacefully in the arms of his mothers, Julie and Irene, and surrounded by his family, his closest friends and his Legos, Indiana Jones Temple Escape being the latest (Ninjago fans take note). Max was an amazing spirit, a trend setter, a 100% original child, a reflection of what great love and open hearted parenting can nurture in a seven year old boy. The depth of our sorrow is beyond imagining.

We wish to direct all donations go to The Cure Starts Now Foundation in honor of Max Glezos-Chartoff. If you would like to donate by check, please mail your check with "Max Glezos-Chartoff Tribute Fund" in the memo to:

The Cure Starts Now
10280 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45215


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